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Save Bunnies!

Defeat Zombies!

Bunnies vs Zombies!

Congratulations! You just made it to the website for the upcoming 'Bunnies vs Zombies' video game which will have you cracking up with your friends, fumbling to upload your experience to your social and possibly changing your shorts from having too much fun - You'll wish you had less fun for real!

Coming soon to Androids, Apples and PCs near you.

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Who wants to be first?!

Who wants to be first?

Well... That will be me 'cuz I have to make and test it...

... But what I mean is: Who is ready for so much fun, it will totally make that day you almost peed yourself laughing seem like a rainy day at the DMV? (assuming a country with super slow bureaucracy like USA, people in China don't understand DMV yokes!)

I am super excited for the public release soon, but before that I need beta testers the play with! You, Beta Tester of the most fun game in the world. For free? Sounds like it's for me!

I have loved the Tower Defense since before 2000 and can honestly say I haven't had as much fun or satisfaction, post-2000 as pre-2000. Until NOW!! Bunnies vs Zombies will knock the socks off your paws, loads of fun, fun play AND rewards without the boring grind of almost any game out there. We plan of giving you 10% interest every 2 days! Just buy s**t and have fun!

This will be a MULTIPLAYER maze tower defense with Hero RPG and super adorable bunnies and baby woodland creatures everywhere! The cute bunnies are counting on you to save them!

Did you say MULTIPLAYER Tower Defense?!

What, is that like... new to you or something? Pre-2000 Tower Defense was only multiplayer. I haven't seen a decent one since! Everyone TD'er knows:

Saving bunnies and killing zombies is more fun when you do it together!

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You'll know the latest BunnyNews, excitement and (possibly) tragedies!


All terms are subject to change. Big Fat Momma Studios Inc will not, and does not plan to share your information with any other entities. User data will be used by Big Fat Momma Studios Inc for internal promotional and testing purposes only.

Bunnies,  Activate!

Store Still Being Setup,

Only Some Eco T-Shirts Available

Check Back Soon!

Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat

Support our Fund Raising

We plan to have a pre-fundraiser campaign starting mid- October to gauge the general interest of the public to support the best tower defense.

If necessary, a full fundraiser campaign may follow. This campaign will be to used to make more content in the game.

e.g. A full card game, PVP mode.
Branching stories are planned but not part of the essential game as of now.

So far the Bunnies vs Zombies story is planned in a 3 part epic. This first part will include the essential-est, fun-nest and simplest gameplay.


Be the envy of everyone at your university or college when everyone is hopping on for a ride and wishing they had less fun!


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Ask questions, discuss tactics or find friends to defeat zombies with.

I really hope you don't have to use the "Report Bugs" section also hosted here.

Made Up Quotes from Made Up Players


Fictional Professional

Gamer 5 years

I crapped my pants from all the jokes and minigame fun.


I may become a professional underwear changer if I play too much of Bunnies vs Zombies

Gill Bates

Fictional Founder

MacroHard Game Systems


Most advanced 2D graphics ever. Totally unrealistic but the experience was so rich I became a millionaire after playing for 24 hours straight!


Fictional YouTube and Twitch


Out of the thousands of hours of gaming I do on my channel, I have never gotten so much likes, subscribers, feedback, hate mail from Karens or personal fun and fulfillment from any of the hundreds of games I  have played to date.

I am glad to adopt this game early in my channel and benefitted a billionfold. Let me know in the comments if you want to see a video on the billionfold stats or anything else related to Bunnies vs Zombies, which I have started streaming daily.

Bunny Kisses

Time is Love:

Love grows by giving

The love we give away is the only love we keep. The only way to retain love is to give it away

Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude. We are what we repeated do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

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